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Body Brushing (for fresh, glowing and supermodel dewy skin)

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Who Does It? One of the most relaxing and healthy things you can do for yourself is body brushing. It has been an intricate, part of the ancients practices to care for their skin for thousands of years. The Japanese, Egyptians, Romans and Indian cultures (both eastern and American Indian, Russians, Scandinavians all adhered to this beneficial regime. The Egyptians are known for being the most obsessed with their body rituals and cleanliness. Cleopatra was even known for her skin brushing ritual. Hippocrates taught about skin brushing in Greece at medical school. His demonstration instructed the proper way to brush, which is towards the heart. Super models worldwide (Naomi Campbell, Molly Sims, Amanda kerr) body brush to keep their skin looking dewy and enviable. It is one of the inside secrets models and celebrities (Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts) adhere to.

Why Should we do it? Our largest organ is our skin and it’s absolutely amazing! All of our organs receptors are connected to our skin. Therefore, by stimulating our skin with a dry brush, we are triggering our organs to relax and release toxins. It is super easy to do and it promotes lymphatic drainage as well. Our skin sheds constantly and is responsible for releasing about 1/3 of our toxins daily. We have 7 layers of derma and making a practice of brushing it helps to keep cellulite at bay. It is one of the best ways to smooth out cellulite. Our skin is actually responsible for stimulating new cell growth in order to foster fresh, glowing skin. If we don’t exfoliate, we can end up looking dull and dry. It also helps get rid of stretch marks and scars. I personally have seen a huge improvement on a huge scar I have from a knee replacement surgery. My scar looks amazing because I have been brushing for over 10 years. So, it was in tip top shape before my surgery and helped to speed up recovery time as far as the appearance goes.

It also helps our circulation and prevents tiny bumps on our skin. Keeping our skin clean and exfoliated is UBER important because free radicals, pollution, microscopic parasites and oil clog our pours if we don’t. Brushing also assists our body with the ability to absorb vitamin D in the sun because our body has fresh skin cells on top. It is also a great mood enhancer because it fosters such an elevated sense of calm and relaxations by raising our endorphins. It is so zen. Upscales spas offer it because of its many benefits and how calming it is.

Here’s how is how I do my ritual:

I start at the bottom of my feet. You want to brush towards your heart and brush each section three times in a row. I then work my way up my legs. I always make sure to brush behind my knees and groin area because our lymph nodes are there. Then I do my palms (my favorite along with the soles of my feet) and work my way up my arms. Again, I always brush towards my heart in order to promote lymphatic drainage. When I get to my shoulders I always do my neck and throat as well. Then I do my chest, under my breasts, my rib cage and tummy. I then end with my face. I am always very delicate on my face. I always brush when my skin is dry and usually before I go into my fir infrared sauna or shower. I then follow up with slathering coconut oil all over myself.

****Make sure never to share your body brush with anyone. We all have different parasites and bacteria and it can lead to infection. Also, never brush over a sun burn or open wound.

You can buy brushes at any store or online and there are lots of different kinds to choose from. I prefer to use one without a handle so I can apply more pressure. However, there are Japanese Sisal brushes, Battery operated brushes, the Cherokee used lufhas. Just take your pic. Start out a bit more gentle and then as time goes by you can apply more pressure. Its best to do daily and even helps if you do it twice a day, before your shower and before bed. Its always nice to use coconut oil on your body afterwards to promote further exfoliation and its very moisturizing. Plus coconut oil has a myriad of health benefits Adding grapefruit oil assists in breaking up cellulite as well. Just don’t use commercial lotions afterwards because they have tons of chemicals and parabins which cause cancer. You don’t want that going in your blood stream and on your fresh layer of skin. Enjoy and prepare for baby soft, glowing skin.

Namaste and Aloha


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