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Fir Infrared Sauna (burn 1500 calories in an hour)

Updated: Nov 5, 2018


For ages indigenous people from various parts of the world have recognized the benefits of sweating.

Ancient: Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) stated: “Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure every illness.”

Modern: The Kardashians, Salina Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and many other stars and athletes around the world use fir infrared saunas to loose weight, keep their skin fresh and glowing, relieve aching muscles and combat disease.

In Russia their ancient practice of utilizing a combination of hot water and steam is used in Europe today and is called a Bania. This is known to create a hot steamy environment in order to bring about healing and relaxation.

The Finnish used their saunas in ancient times to promote cleanliness and strength in the long, unforgiving winters. They would build cabins exclusively for their sweating ritual. They believed that “If a sauna couldn’t cure it, nothing would”. They adopted the custom as an offshoot from the Siberian/Mongolian practice which was used to keep arthritis pain at bay. However, the Siberian/Mongolians also used the heat as a way to reach deeper parts of their consciousness as a way to release spiritual blockages. Which is used today in American Indian Sweat Lodges. Which I will touch upon in a moment.


The Irish developed their love for saunas from the Vikings who used them in the 10th and 15th century’s.

Recently Mayan Ruins from 900 B.C. were found which revealed ancient sweat houses called a “Pibna”. The Mayans would partake of a sweat in order stay cool in the summer. (Just like hot tea cools us down) They would also use it for purging toxins and healing aching muscles. The women would make several trips after giving birth in order to bring their bodies back to balance and purification and ease pain.

We have all heard of the infamous and elaborate Roman Bath Houses which included sweating in saunas. Also, the Turkish use them even today and they are called a “harara”.

Here is North America  the American Indians  use “Sweat Lodges” for reaching their ancestors through higher states of consciousness brought on by the isolated heat. They also use it for all the reasons mentioned above and the females use it to alleviate menstrual cramps.

I started going to fir infrared saunas after I miscarried twins. I had gone through a round of invetro fertilization hormone shots and wanted to cleanse my organs and my body on the deepest level possible.

Bacteria cannot survive with temperatures above 98 degrees. Therefore, staying in a fir infrared sauna for as little as 30 minutes can release toxins leading to disease. It also releases negative ions in the air which fosters a feeling of relaxation and acute clarity.

Because the heat is infrared it goes deep into our organs and can release nasty toxins and also release deep brown fat through lipolysis which shaves off inches from your tummy, legs, arms, buttocks and double chin. This is achievable due to being able to raise the temperature in the sauna from 77-176 degrees. This feels more like ambient heat because it is heating you up internally first and then externally. Detoxification has also been shown to be helpful with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, immune deficiency states, autism, ADD and ADHD.

I noticed that I would reach higher levels of consciousness while in my sauna sessions. I went to a very on trend spa in Hollywood and they used sauna blankets. I loved it so much  and reached an altered state and while in a session, I downloaded my entire business plan for opening a healing sanctuary and also this blog. Every detail of my business was “gifted” to me while in a hyper empirical state, including the name of my blog and business and all of the images you will see used on my blog.

So let me take you through my personal sweating ritual:

(I have a portable sauna and a sauna bag/blanket)

I always drink plenty of pure, alkaline water before hand and I only consume a handful of raw nuts and a cold pressed juice with kale, lemon, green apple, ginger and coconut water.  This prepares my body for the sweat. I never eat too much prior so that I can be comfortable and burn lots of calories. (1500 per hour)

Next I prepare my environment because I find this to be a deeply spiritual practice for me. So, I use essential oils in my atomizer and I burn incense. I also prepare a 32 ounce of ice cold water which I often turn into spa water by adding cucumbers, honeydew and basil, or blueberry and mint, or orange slices,  apricot (or cantaloupe) and fresh ginger root slices). I then prepare a wash cloth by dampening it with cold water and then I put ice cubes in it and wrap them like a burrito. I then add a couple of drops of essential oil to the wash cloth (wild orange and grapefruit are very energizing, while lavender and sandlewood are calming). I then body brush before hand to prepare my body to release and to open up my pores. (I will write about that in my next blog) I then put on a TED talk or I watch an enlightened series from Gaia.com. Or sometimes I prefer to just listen to music. I have a lamp in my room which makes my ceiling look like the aurora borealis so I turn that on. Turn on my Himalayan sea salt lamp and put on a pair of sweats and thick socks. You want to be sure you are covered from head to toe so you will sweat. I make sure everything is around me that I need and I climb in my preheated blanket and veg out.


During the session I drink plenty of water (use a water bottle that has a spout if your laying down) and just relax. Once I start getting really hot I put my washcloth on my forehead and OMG does it feel amazing. I allow my mind and body to be in release mode so that I can get the most benefit from it. I started out with going for 45 minutes and then once I realized I could take it I started staying in for an hour, if time allows. I love it because afterwards I feel amazing! I literally feel as though I have been scrubbed clean or swam in the ocean.  I have so much energy afterwards and have the greatest sense of clarity.

It is important to have some sliced oranges, cool grapes, apple slices or other fruit afterwards and most important…..coconut water. (In 3rd world countries they use coconut water for blood transfusions because it mimics all the elements as our blood). It also replaces electrolytes lost during sweating without all the chemicals, sodium and dyes that most replacement drinks like gatorade have in them. This is the most important step. Then simply remove your sweaty clothes and socks immediately and towel off with a cool washcloth (I use baking soda and water to remove additional toxins for my washcloth). Then just allow your body to continue to burn calories while reading, do gentle yoga or stretching. (Its a great time to do so because your muscles are heated up and uber relaxed).  A nice cup of herbal tea is a great relaxer as well. Then after about 30 minutes you can shower once you have cooled down naturally if you wish. I then follow up with another body brush session and slather coconut oil on me for further exfoliation.


I am usually super hungry afterwards so I always have another cold pressed veggie juice, smoothie or a giant salad. I like to keep it super clean to help my body with continued detoxing.

If you don’t have access to a fir infrared sauna spa in your town or city you can buy them online for $125.00-$300.00. Here is a google link:


I promise if you try it you will become totally addicted. It is so refreshing, relaxing and healthy for you. You will thank me every time you use it. It is such a sacred act to nurture our bodies and I feel more deeply connected to not only myself but everything around me after I sweat. It is truly transformational and completely different than sweating in a normal sauna because of the infrared technology. Plus, it is much safer.

I invite you to partake of this ancient ritual and not only notice your stress, pain, inflammation and fuzziness drop away, but you will start to immediately loose inches and reshape your  body if you do this regularly and eat healthy.


Namaste and Aloha


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