• Annamarie Naidu

Enter Into Your Own Becoming

I have created Body Worship as a blog which will be a portal for you to learn to worship your body and have fun, safe and effective treatments, rituals and activities to nurture your body temple.

When we are in non ordinary states of consciousness we have the opportunity to heal ourselves by allowing our injuries, our blocks and/or or trauma to be brought to the surface in a non-threatening and loving manner in order to compassionately acknowledge and allow them to be seen in a holographic manner. When this happens we can see very clearly that whatever has happened in the past can in fact stay in the past and has no real charge in our present experience. Only then can we begin to intentionally and purposefully begin to piece by piece, build our present reality and future with clear, healthy and systematic processes which will yield the quality of life that we each long for.

This is a virtual sanctuary where you can melt into a sacred space where you can begin to harmonize your bodies needs through talking to your body temple and listening to the whispers of your soul. When we expand our awareness of our physical needs through detoxifying of our lymphatic, adrenal and endocrine system on a cellular level, we can then nurture ourselves by reaching deep levels of relaxation. This is when our body starts to replenish and heal at a core level. We can then manifest powerful relationships, careers, and lifestyles because we are aligned to a higher vibration internally and externally. We literally magnetize our ideal lives by virtue of the signals we are emitting.

I invite you enter this sacred space with a reverence and intention to anoint your mind, body and soul.

Namaste and Aloha


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