• Annamarie Naidu

Authentic Empowerment

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

For me, true empowerment comes from having a direct connection with my mind, body and soul. Not to sound cliche, but that is when every cell in my body seems to be in concert with my spirit. We have all felt this at different times in our lives. Whether it is after a day at the beach, having just created something spectacular, after a great work out, or a myriad of other luxuries in life.

It is my dedication to share the most awe inspiring, alternative methods, rituals and practices that have activated that TRUE connection for me. I love to have fun and try fresh ideas.  I adore stretching myself by exploring ancient rituals from all corners of the world as well as cutting edge modalities. It makes me feel alive and keeps me on a quest for a personal and inner adventure. Join me and partake of whatever calls out to your inner Goddess or Adonis. Simply leave behind whatever doesn’t resonate. However, I invite you to keep an open mind and allow yourself to try something new (even if you feel a bit hesitant at first).

It is my deepest honor to be able to summons the High Priestess within me in order walk beside you in your effort to advocate extreme self care and honor your body temple. It is with reverence that I share my journey to authentic empowerment.

Namaste and Aloha


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