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Aloha from Annamarie

As a coach and healer I am simply a conduit who helps you bridge the gap from where you are at in your current reality to where it is you desire to be. I access and ground the frequency that activates your inner technology so that you can level set and maintain the resonance that allows you to create the career, relationships, health, mindset and all aspects of the life you were destined to live. 

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, SAF Therapist, Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Practioner, Hypnotherapist, Quantum Light Therapist, and Personal Empowerment Coach. I also employ numerous methodologies of various types of therapies and healing modalities including sound therapy.
All sessions are conducted via phone or skype

Weave The Sacred Into Every Aspect Of Your Life

Body Worship is about aligning your emotional, spiritual, mental and                                              physical mind, body and soul. 

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Personal Empowerment Coaching Session

See Quantum Shifts In Your Reality
1 1/2 Hour Sessions Weekly 
$700-$1000 Monthly

I always come from a non judgemental posture during our sessions. We look at where you have blocks that are created by your beliefs, behaviors and actions. We then systematically co-create your 4 month action plan in order to make quantum shifts in your reality so you create the life you know you were born to live. All sessions are done over the phone. I also include a 15 minute lazer session each week.


 Reality Reboot

Deconstructing Your Current Trajectory
30-45 Minutes $45

There are times when we need to shift our reality and reorganize quickly. I will give you 4 questions to dive into deeply before our session. Then, during your session I will connect with your Guides, Masters and Angels in order to provide a cohesive action plan to shift your resonance frequency and assist you in a pivot. This is a fun, fresh approach to reboot your clarity and focus when you need it quickly.

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Past Life Regression

Tap Into Your Divine Self
2-3 Hours $150-$380

I will guide you while under hypnosis on your journey into your personal Akashic Records so you can review your past lives that are most relevant to this lifetime. This allows you to see exactly what types of relational karma you have in order to release it.  We will also tap into any hidden talents or supressed gifts you may possess from your previous lives as well.


Releasing The Ties That Bind

Detaching With Love
1 hour $75-$125

Extricating yourself from the relationship, job, lifestyle or belief system that you are energetically tied to through etheric chords, often calls for lazer sharp assistance. I will not only help you detach with love, I will give you the remedies and rituals to do in tandem with our session in order to physcially and energetically move forward and uplevel your reality.

The Happines Project

The Happiness Project

One Hour $75

I have used this fail proof technique with my clients for decades in order to lift that black cloud or feeling of gloom and despair instantly. I use ancient codes and cutting edge technology to bring you out of the darkness and help you anchor into your heart space. This connects your cerebal cortex and releases the "Happy Hormone" in your brain. I will give you the codes to turn that frown upside down.


Distant Holographic Healing Session

Duration Varies $25-$75

As a Reiki Master/Teacher and Quantum Healing Practitioner I use Holographic Light Therapy, Acutonics and Energy Matrix Healing in order to ease pain, clear stagnant or stuck energy in your physical and emotional body. I use light code technology in order to connect to you or a loved one remotely through the space time continuum.

Anointed Balinese Tea Ceremony

Balinese Tea Ceremony

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Join me for tea during our first initial consultation. In Balinese tradition a tea ceremony is anointed and honored because of the chi that the plant gives to our bodies by opening up our meridians. They also honor the journey that each person has been on . They do this by holding reverance to the soul of the plant and the people they are communing with. As your prospective coach/healer I am dedicated to holding your journey with the same respect. This is our time to decide if the services I offer are aligned with your needs. I look forward to speaking with you.
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